Transcending Traditional Learning with Our GCA© Home Building Course: Your Blueprint to Becoming a Seasoned Professional in the Construction Industry.
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Choose C.I.T.C., LLC for a transformative learning experience that not only equips you with industry-leading construction skills but also fosters a culture of self-empowerment, ethical practice, and boundless opportunity, propelling you towards a successful and rewarding career in the construction industry.

Non-traditional Approach

Our course is accessible to individuals from various backgrounds

Simplified Study Methodology

Methodology that facilitates easy understanding of complex concepts

Certified Instructors

Certified professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom

Positive Track Record

Proven track record with hundreds of successful graduates

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I’m a Flight Attendant & Real Estate Agent & now a Home Builder and my reason for taking the GCA Course is to build a number of houses. I took a number of courses but none like this course. You can take a course on any one specialty, but in this course, I’ve learned the whole building process. I have a finance degree, a real estate license, I’ve taken courses throughout my life, but I must say this is the best course! I’ve learned more in this course than I’ve learned in any other course. This is the best course I’ve ever taken!

- Chereda Miller



Dive into the General Construction Appreciation Course (GCA©) and master the art of home construction under the guidance of industry experts. From understanding architectural plans to interacting with professionals like contractors and realtors, this course prepares you for real-world challenges. Learn to inspect homes through various construction phases and solve common building issues, all while expanding your employment opportunities and boosting your earning potential in the thriving construction industry.

Classroom and course delivery options

We offer a dynamic classroom environment alongside flexible course delivery options, including in-person training, online courses, and blended learning experiences, ensuring our students can access our industry-leading construction education in a manner that suits their individual needs and schedules.



Aspiring Constructor

Your Construction Journey Begins Here

Whether you’re a budding builder, an experienced tradesperson, or an aspiring entrepreneur, our GCA© Home Building Course is your gateway to enhanced skills and new opportunities in the construction industry. Experience a curriculum that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application, setting a solid foundation for a successful career in construction.


Centered on the IRC (International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings), this course is your roadmap to acing residential contractor’s license tests, with a deep dive into local and other crucial codes.


Don’t depend on the contractor or the inspector! Let us provide you ease- of-mind by supervising part or all of your renovation or remodeling job. We’ll work out the details for you!


Just because a house passed inspection doesn’t mean it’s of good quality. Get the real knowledge you need in the GCA Home Building Course – learn building code and more!


Home building involves over a hundred different occupations and careers. When you learn the whole residential process correctly, you’ll become unrestricted and unlimited, giving you the advantage!


“You can’t correct what’s wrong, until you first know what’s right!” Within the GCA Home Building Course, comprehensive remedies will be discussed as to each part of the building process and foot-noted by referencing violations to building code.



Our course serves as a springboard for continuous education in the construction industry, providing a robust foundation from which students can further explore advanced topics, stay updated with evolving industry standards, and continuously enhance their skills and knowledge throughout their professional journey.
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Frequently asked questions

Our instructors are seasoned professionals and certified experts in the construction field. They bring a wealth of practical experience to the classroom, ensuring that you receive a high-quality, real-world education that prepares you for the demands of the construction industry.
The GCA© Home Building Course stands out for its non-traditional approach, simple study methodology, and comprehensive coverage of the house building process. It’s designed to cater to individuals from all walks of life, offering practical skills, certification upon completion, and job placement assistance to ensure a rewarding career in home building and general construction.
Yes, upon successfully completing your chosen course, you will receive a certificate that signifies your acquired knowledge and skills in the respective field. This certification can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio as you seek employment or further career development in the construction industry.
Absolutely! CITC is committed to supporting your career aspirations. We offer job placement assistance to our graduates, aiding in a smoother transition from the classroom to real-world employment opportunities within the construction sector.

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